Direct Fired Heaters


Direct Fired Heating

Rankin is a leader in providing direct fired heating to any workspace. Direct fired heating provides the ideal temporary heating solution for your construction sites, special events, drying needs or emergency situations. Our state of the art, thermostatically controlled units are efficient and safe for any space. All of our units are meticulously maintained and capable of controlling your climate.


  • 24X7X365 on call service.
  • Highest quality equipment.
  • Strictest safety standards.
  • Service for every commercial sector.

ROT 250


250,000 BTU/HR
AGA / CSA Certified
1650 CFM
105 lbs

ROT 400


400,000 BTU/HR
AGA / CSA Certified
2200 CFM
209 lbs

ROT 600


600,000 BTU/HR
AGA / CSA Certified
2750 CFM
288 lbs

ROT 800


800,000 BTU/HR
AGA / CSA Certified
3200 CFM
280 lbs

ROT 1500


1,100,000 BTU/HR
AGA / CSA Certified
3800 CFM
285 lbs

Why Choose Rankin?

Impeccable 35 year track record.

Customized Solutions: Safety, Savings and Service.

AGA, CSA, and UL approved equipment.

You deserve “Peace of Mind” knowing Rankin’s on the job.

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