Office Pro® 36

Electronic Features Control Programmable
Cooling Capacity Rating Conditions: 95°F at 60% RH  36,000 Btu/h
Electrical Characteristics Voltage Requirement 1 Phase, 208/230v
Total Power Consumption 4.3 kW
Current Consumption 19.6 amps
Recommended Fuse Size 30 amps
NEMA Plug Configuration 6 – 30
Min. – Max. Voltage 198 – 250
Fans Motor Output – high/mid/low Supply: 0.059/0.031/0.024kW
Exhaust: 0.134 kW
Evaporator Fan Type Centrifugal
Max. Air Flow – high/low 990/825 CFM
Max. External Static Pressure 0.6 IWG
Condenser Fan Type Centrifugal
Max. Air Flow – high/low 1490/1060 CFM
Max. External Static Pressure 0.5 IWG
Compressor  Type  Hermetic Scroll
 Output  2.3 kW
Refrigerant Type R-410A
Dimensions W x D x H 30 x 44 x 52 in
Net Weight/Shipping Weight 440/483 lb
Power Cord Gauge/Length 12 AWG (3-core)/6 ft
Condensate Tank Capacity 2 @ 5 gal
Operating Conditions Min. – Max. (@ 50% RH) 65° – 95°F
Max. Equivalent Duct Length Per Cold Duct Hose 40 ft
Hot Duct Hose 60 ft
Max. Sound Level With Condenser – Duct high/low 65/62 dB(A)
Without Condenser – Duct high/low 67/66 dB(A)

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