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Industrial Warehouse Heating, Drying, and Cooling Solutions

Industrial and warehouse buildings are not known for their attention to comfort. These facilities are designed to be functional, and yet proper heating and cooling is an important part of keeping them running well and protecting the assets they contain. When you need portable heating or cooling in industrial or warehouse settings, Rankin’s products are ready to meet the need.


Temporary Heating and Cooling for Unusual Situations

In storage warehouse facilities, sensitive items may need specific temperature controls to preserve their integrity. Temperature and humidity must be well controlled to prevent structural damage, condensation and warping. When the temperature outside gets unusually warm or cold, heating or cooling the entire building with the HVAC system may not be cost effective, if it’s even possible. That’s where Rankin can help.


Our portable climate control systems can control temperature and humidity where needed, protecting the items stored in your warehouse while eliminating the need to condition the entire facility. This is a cost-effective way to protect the assets stored in your building.


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Heating and Cooling for Temporary Warehouse Setups

When a business starts to grow, outgrowing its space, a warehouse provides the ideal and affordable location for a temporary setup while it adjusts to the growth. Yet most warehouses are not adequately heated or cooled for day-to-day business operations. With portable heating and cooling from Rankin, you can set up shop and feel comfortable right away. Any industrial space can be adequately heated or cooled with the help of Rankin’s industry-leading products.

Benefits of Portable Heating and Cooling in Industrial Settings

Rankin’s portable heating and cooling systems can also benefit industrial facilities. Consider these advantages:


Keep production lines cooled without cooling the entire facility.


Improve productivity and morale by improving employee comfort.


Protect valuable materials from warping and heat exposure.


Reduce processing time for heat-related production processes.




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