Special Events

Temporary Heating and Cooling for Special Events

The right temporary climate control can make the difference between success and failure for your special event. Whether you are planning an outdoor reception, concert, sporting event or corporate activity, a Rankin heating or cooling solution will provide attendees with maximum comfort — and provide you with a system that fits just as comfortably into your budget.


Portable Climate Control Support from Start to Finish

Rankin has been helping event planners since 1981. Our dedicated team of HVAC professionals work with you every step of the way — from selecting the right system to getting it properly set up and tested.

Typical special events applications include:


Keeping visitors warm during outside events in cold conditions


Keeping visitors cool during hot or humid outdoor events


Maintaining consistently comfortable conditions in portable event structures such as hospitality tents


HVAC backup for special events held in one of your permanent facilities


Reliable, Durable Temporary Climate Control

Rankin portable heating and cooling equipment is designed for reliable, consistent long-term and short-term use. The fact we’ve been helping customers with climate control for special events since 1981 demonstrates our high commitment to the quality and durability of our systems.


Don’t let extreme weather or some other potential problem put the success of your special event at risk. As an event planner, your organization and your guests are counting on you to put together an event that will be remembered for years to come. You have a very demanding job!


Our sales and customer service team understand the pressure you face in pulling together the hundreds of items that need to be coordinated for a special event. We will work with you to make sure temporary climate control is one part of your special event that comes together effectively and seamlessly — giving you the time you need to focus on all the other high priority elements of your event.


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Entertainment Venues


Hospitality Suites

Movie Sets

Sporting Events

Vending Booths






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