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Today’s businesses rely on computers to keep everything running as it should. Yet all of that technology can create an unexpected problem: heat. Businesses that have a server room need a way to keep the server cool to prevent system failure for these critical components.


Your Company’s Air Conditioner May Not Be Sufficient

When the equipment housed in that server room heats up and shuts down, operations for your business can grind to a halt. You can’t predict when overheating will occur, and that’s why you need a back-up cooling option for your data center and server room.

Often the air conditioner installed in an office building is not equipped to handle the excess heat generated by a server room. Even if the air conditioner is well equipped, using the central air for this intense purpose can be a poor use of energy funds.



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Server Room Cooling Solutions Are Simple with Rankin

If you have a server room cooling problem, Rankin has the solution. With just one call to Rankin, you can have the temporary cooling solutions you need to keep your data center up and running. Our cooling options include:


  • Air-cooled portable conditioners: Using environmentally friendly refrigerant, Rankin’s air-cooled portable air conditioners deliver cooling capacities up to 61,200 BTU/hr, without the need to use water.
  • Water-cooled portable air conditioners: For data center cooling where venting condenser air is not possible, our water-cooled units provide up to 34,700 BTU/hr cooling capacity.


Both of these options provide exceptional data room cooling when your building’s air conditioning system is not adequate.

You can rely on our portable air conditioning systems when:


You face an unexpected heat wave


Your air conditioning system is down


You wish to control air conditioning costs


Your air conditioning system can’t keep up with the heat generated


You need server room cooling in the winter when the heat is running


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