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When your school is without air conditioning, it is a serious matter — one that requires immediate attention. You can’t ask students to wait for the systems to be repaired or for construction to be completed before they feel comfortable in the classroom again. That’s why you need reliable, portable, convenient cooling solutions. With these temporary and effective options, you have a way to keep your students and teachers safe and comfortable at school, even while repairs, updates or other changes are underway.


Benefits of Temporary Cooling for Schools

By utilizing portable air-conditioning at your school, you gain all kinds of benefits, including increased stability for your staff and students. Consider the additional advantages these tools can offer:


  • Greater comfort for students and educators
  • Protection from the harm of extreme temperatures
  • Seamless school operations, without the need to cancel classes or interrupt schedules
  • Convenience of portable systems that are easy to transport
  • A level of climate control that takes into account the local climate, your building’s size and internal items that could be affecting temperatures

Why Portable Air Conditioning Ends Up Being Necessary

It doesn’t matter if it’s a preschool or a college, keeping the people inside your school comfortable is a top priority for anyone who runs an educational institution. While traditionally the built-in cooling systems will manage this task, there are times when you might need additional support. Consider the following situations where short-term solutions are useful in school settings:


  • Your air conditioning system is out or in need of repairs, causing a stall in service
  • Part of your school is undergoing renovations
  • There are places in your facility that need additional cooling support, such as the school kitchen or the gymnasium
  • There’s a power outage that knocks out the cooling systems
  • The temperatures outside are much higher than usual, and your normal cooling systems isn’t effective enough

Temporary Spot Coolers

Any time your school needs a way to stay comfortable and usable, spot cooling is a worthwhile option to consider. By adding these temporary solutions to your facility, you’ll be able to keep operations running smoothly, students in the classroom, teachers doing their jobs and distractions to a minimum.


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