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Temporary Heating and Cooling Solutions for Retail Stores

If your retail establishment cannot maintain a comfortable temperature, you will lose customers, fast. People are not going to stay in a store when they are too hot or cold. Instead, they are going to grab a couple of items and rush out the door. If you want to improve your sales, your customers need to stay in the store. When unexpected equipment problems occur, or you have to shut down your HVAC system for maintenance and repair, you need a solution that will minimize the discomfort.


Rankin has a number of temporary heating and cooling solutions that can help your store achieve desirable temperatures. From portable and temporary units to systems you can have on hand whenever your HVAC system can’t keep up, Rankin has the products you need.


Temporary Heating and Cooling for Retail Stores

In a retail store, the main priority is keeping customers happy so they will stay in the store longer and purchase more items. Because most stores do not have natural air flow, unusual situations, like a heat wave or cold spell, as well as problems with the HVAC system, can make the store too cold or hot. Rankin’s temporary cooling and heating systems can help.


In the winter, when temperatures outside drop, stores need to provide a warm, welcoming place to shop. Portable heat pumps and temporary heating units can ensure that every area of your store is warm. Whether used for the entire store or for a particularly cold spot, trust Rankin to deliver reliable service.


The same is true in summer, when an unexpected heat wave or power outage can cause uncomfortable and unsafe temperatures in your facility. Rankin’s portable cooling units can help maintain pleasant temperatures.


Portable Heating and Cooling Compensates for Retail Challenges

Beyond the problems that occur when the weather is unusual or the HVAC system stops working, Rankin’s portable heating and cooling systems can help stores overcome some of the challenges unique to running a retail establishment. These may include:


• Cooling hot kitchens in delis and in-store restaurants
• Providing heating or cooling for outdoor tent sales
• Heating or cooling the area near the front door
• Protecting perishable items, like medications and food
• Providing spot cooling or heating in warm or cool areas


In each of these situations, even a fully functional HVAC system is not going to keep customers and products comfortable and protected. That is why portable cooling units and heating systems can be valuable.


Custom Cooling and Heating Solutions from Rankin

At Rankin, our goal is to help our clients find the ideal solution for their heating and cooling needs. With numerous products sized to fit a variety of applications, we have the answer to your problem. To start planning, contact our customer service professionals today.







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