Commercial Restaurant & Food Service Cooling

Whether you have a hot area in your facility that simply is not well served by your air conditioning system, or you need temporary cooling when your HVAC system is broken, we have you covered. With rental and purchase options, you can have exactly what you need whenever you need it.

Rankin’s portable air conditioning systems are ideal for:


Cooling hot areas of a restaurant, like the kitchen


Keeping the cashier station and lobby cool on hot days


Providing cooling for tented or outdoor dining areas


Cooling on-site locations for catered meals


The Rankin Advantage

With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, we have extensive knowledge of heating and cooling systems. Rankin’s experienced staff will work with you to choose the cooling system that will perfectly meet your needs, keeping your customers and staff cool as you serve them delectable dishes every day. When you rent or buy your portable heater from Rankin, you benefit from our dedication to customer service. Along with your heating system, you receive help and support from our industry leading customer support team. We will help you choose and set up your portable heating solution, so it will deliver the right amount of heat where you need it.


Portable Heating and Cooling Systems for Food Service Professionals

That outdoor event you are catering during a cold spell can be a real challenge. How can you keep your staff and customers comfortable in these challenging times? Portable heating systems from Rankin are the solution to this common seasonal problem. Portable heating systems can be used to:


  • Heat or cool outdoor events you are catering
  • Keep cool areas of the restaurant comfortable


We know how important comfort is to the success of your restaurant, and we will work hard to provide it in a cost-effective manner. Contact Rankin today to learn more about how you can take measures to keep your customers happy.







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