Military & GSA

Military and GSA Heating and Cooling

Government Services Administration (GSA) and military applications for temporary heating and cooling are extremely demanding, in terms of specifications and cost. Rankin, with decades of experience in temporary climate solutions, can meet the challenge. We will work closely with you to find the most efficient system for the application — one that meets all of your budgetary requirements.


Military Requirements

Our military forces are deployed in environmentally diverse and often harsh environments, as well as being highly mobile — factors that create a great need for portable cooling and heating systems. Typical military applications include environmental control for temporary installations such as transportable buildings and tents, military construction sites, military support operations and disaster relief operations. Rankin temporary mobile solutions are also widely used for backup in the event of an air-conditioning failure.

Rankin heating, cooling and drying systems are engineered and built for durability and reliability, two necessities for any military application. Maintaining proper environmental conditions in a combat support or disaster relief operation can be a matter of life or death. We take our responsibility seriously, maintaining the highest standards for quality control throughout our manufacturing process.


GSA Projects

The GSA purchases temporary heating and cooling equipment for government buildings with an extremely wide range of needs. Rankin’s broad line of climate solutions gives us the ability to fulfill most all of them.

Historical buildings have heating and cooling systems that may be a century (or more) out of date. Supplementing these systems with portable air conditioning or heating can be a necessity for the comfort and efficiency of employees. Rankin offers a number of ideal systems for this situation.

Other GSA applications where Rankin systems can be used with confidence are governmental laboratories and medical facilities, and as air conditioning and heating backup in administrative offices.


Wide Range of Temporary Climate Solutions

Heating equipment from Rankin includes direct fired, indirect fired and electric and hot water and steam heating systems. Air-conditioning systems include air-cooled, water-cooled and 12- and 25-ton options. For drying, we offer dehumidifiers, air circulators and electric and indirect heaters.

Our trained, responsive customer service team will work with you every step of the way to identify the best portable climate control solution for your military or GSA application. Whether you are trying to prevent frostbite or heat exhaustion, or trying to back up a permanent HVAC infrastructure, Rankin has the experience to guide you to the right choice.







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