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Temporary Heating and Cooling for HVAC Contractors

HVAC contractors are in the business of fixing and repairing HVAC systems, both for homes and commercial entities. Yet any good HVAC contractor will readily admit that there are times when a repair is simply not going to be a fast process. When you can’t deliver a fast repair, but your customers demand a comfortable space, temporary heating and cooling solutions from Rankin can help.


Temporary Heating and Cooling for Commercial Customers

HVAC technicians who specialize in working with commercial customers know the importance of ensuring that the customer’s location is comfortable, even if the HVAC system is not functioning. For example, if you are working on a retail store, and that store’s air conditioner is not functioning, temperatures inside can quickly rise to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and higher. In that situation, customers will not stay inside, and the store loses business.


Portable cooling units can help turn this emergency into a less-urgent situation. If the HVAC technician can use a temporary system while working on the overall unit, the store can continue to function and the HVAC professional can manage the repair efficiently. Whether the downtime is planned or unplanned, portable cooling keeps the entire facility comfortable. With both air-cooled and water-cooled units, Rankin has the system that will fit the space you are working on.


The same is true during heating seasons. Portable heat pumps and other temporary heating units keep fragile items protected and customers or clients comfortable while the furnace or boiler is being repaired during cold weather.


Temporary Cooling and Heating Keeps Homeowners Comfortable

While most homeowners can stand to spend a few hours in a hot house while HVAC repairs are underway, sometimes HVAC contractors can improve their customer service with a portable unit. If the system is going to be offline for a long time during repair, a portable unit provides a solution to keep the family safe and content. Rankin stocks units in a wide range of sizes, including options ideal for homes.


Improve Customer Service with Portable HVAC Units

Portable HVAC systems can be a valuable asset for the modern HVAC contractor. When a customer calls with an emergency situation with his/her HVAC system, the contractor can bring a portable unit to ensure the space is comfortable while repairs are underway. By keeping the space at a pleasant temperature, and having the option for a temporary solution, you will improve your reputation in your community.


Portable heating and cooling solutions from Rankin can enhance your work as an HVAC contractor. Take the time to browse our offerings, or contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our qualified customer service professionals.







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